Health Data

Spicer Rudstrom has decades of applied legal and litigation experience involved in evaluating and managing data interests. The protection of personal health information (PHI) data as required by HIPAA, employee awareness and regulatory compliance are a primary concern of healthcare providers and those in contact with such data. Our knowledge of regulatory rules, vendor contract oversight, compliance surveys and systems management can be applied to help you create the culture of PHI awareness and protection to limit your exposure and risk.

Our Health Data practice builds on our related experience to provide training and awareness services. We focus on employee empowering training and pre-emptive monitoring and reporting techniques, which creates a systematic approach and a culture to securing PHI. Employees, or “guardians,” receive training on relevant HIPAA regulations and PHI compliance requirements, along with a focused program to address the specific concerns of your company. This forms an employee and company culture that empowers and rewards identification and resolution of potential PHI exposure or release.

In the event of a PHI-related incident or other adverse event, you will have an incident response team, headed by counsel to engage, investigate and identify actions, address issues and ensure ongoing compliance with applicable laws and regulations, eliminating a potential reoccurrence.

Our Health Data attorneys are able to assist clients throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville.